Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Asian Gambling Business

Asia, largest among the seven continents in the world also accounts for widely opened Online Casinos worldwide as well one of the fast developing markets for online gambling. Recreational activities like that of gambling has been famous among the Asians since 900 A.D.. Taking such a great passion to one side, their skills were also amazing in casino table games.

Talking about the industry experts, online casino gambling has been the hottest topic thereby making it the best place for the present and the future for online gambling developments. The first Asian online casino was developed in 2000.With the growing interest of Asians in online gambling, certain games like Mahjong were being offered as online games as this game is 4,000 year old card game in China. Even though internet gambling is not fully legalized Mahjong players in China cannot help themselves from entering in the site. Countries like Macau and Philippines have adapted western theme for these areas and are being called as 'Oriental Monte Carlos' and 'Little Vegas'. Macau is the only Chinese territory has legalized gambling since 1850s.Macau's biggest source of income is in tourism sectors which in turn is boosted by gambling which in turn indirectly brought in foreign investors.

Three Basic types of Online Casino Games are Table Games, Gaming Machines and Unique games.
Table Games are usually played on a large felt-covered tables containing printed layouts. Games like Blackjack, C raps, Baccarat and Poker are played on these tables. These games cn be played using cards or dice or with specialized equipment like roulette wheel. The card games include online blackjack, online baccarat, online casino war and online poker. Dice games include a well known 2 dice game, Craps.
Gaming Machines can be played by one player at a time and these include slot machines and video poker machines. Slot Machines are computer driven which work on the principle as that of old-fashioned "One Arm Bandit". Some special features like bonus payouts and wild cards are available in online video poker game.
Unique games are too special to be placed under any category and they include "Online Keno" and "Online Scratch Card"

As Internet population grows globally, and with online gambling gaining popularity in European and Asian countries, it is safe to say that the above figures will grow even further with no instant signs of decelerating in the near future.